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The Coffeehouse philosophy of investing in the ENTIRE stock market is simple and sophisticated, as indicated by the numerous unsolicited responses from readers around the world of The Coffeehouse Investor. The goal here at the Coffeehouse (much to Wall Street’s chagrin) is to introduce this simple philosophy to every investor who has accepted the enormous responsibility of saving and investing for their own retirement. We invite you to join us in our mission. It is an easy message to grasp and fun to share with others!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to educate my three children in investments, stock market, bonds, etc. You just made it easy. Buy three books. Send three books. Relax. Thanx
B. W., Massachusetts

I wish I had heard your message 10 years ago. It is so simple it is profound. Thank you.
A. B., Connecticut

Bill, I have now read your book 3 times. If I were to say what was my single most significant influence in my investment education and strategy – Hands down – The Coffeehouse Investor book.
R. S., Illinois

Mr. Schultheis, I bought your book by chance in a coffee shop, knowing that I would soon inherit quite a sum of money, and I would need some investment advice. Little did I know that it would impress me so much and that I would practically decide to make it my investment creedo.
R. L., Texas

I bought the book and think it is fantastic – on my top five, lifetime! Certainly will help shape my future investments.
J. R., New Hampshire

I used to be a CPA. I’m supposed to like investing…but I don’t. Your presentation lifted this albatross from my around my neck. Thank you.
C. M., Washington

I just visited the Coffeehouse for the first time. Good clean fun. Have signed up and look forward to having more…. I read the fan mail for Bill’s Book. Am sure it deserves the paens, but is it possible that not one even faintly negative comment was received?
H.W. Laydon, WA

Hey Bill, Enjoyed the book. A delicate mix of home-spun, almost Fulgum-ish advice with hard-hitting principles. Nice balance. Seemed like good sober advice in a sea of books on how get 3000% returns in a week.
S. S., Texas

Great book! I just received it today and am almost half way through. My highlighter is running dry! Thanks Bill.
J. H., Virginia

Your book is better than The Wealthy Barber.
R. C., Alberta

I absolutely love your book and your mind. Please sign me up for your newsletter!
E. M., California

Tonight I read your book “The Coffeehouse Investor.” I felt the need to say “Thank you”… from deep down inside. You brought it all together in your book and I think it’s important to take the time to let someone know when they have made a real difference in your life. Thank you very much.
R. C., Wisconsin

Finally, a book that makes sense out of this investing stuff.
C. W., Washington

Your book is just GREAT
J. G., United Kingdom

Wonderful book! I’m 27 years old and have just begun investing. I’ve always been intimidated by Wall Street which is why I haven’t invested before. Your book has given me the confidence and direction I needed. Thank you.
G. B., New York

Thank you for writing your book. The fact that someone with your credentials endorses this simplicity gives me the confidence to continue on this path.
B. K., Illinois

The pumpkin pie sounds good – Denali still seems much too cold, I’ll stick with simple fourteeners in the Rockies – your investment advice was well organized, simple to follow and made good sense. Thank you.
C. T., Kansas

Just read The Coffeehouse Investor and enjoyed immensely. Thank you for the information and particularly for the way in which you present it. Repetition doesn’t just work in rock-n-roll. Thanks again.
M. G., Washington

My husband and I read your book and really appreciated the simplicity of it. Thank you for writing “The Coffeehouse Investor.” Not only was it easy to read and understand but it was also very enjoyable. It has helped us to understand the market and investing, and to get a better perspective on how and where to invest for our retirement.
S. P., Washington

Your book is a breath of fresh air
M. V., Washington

Bill, I just finished reading your book. I have read so much about different investment theories and allocation recommendations that I was suffering from analysis Paralysis. Your book has allowed me to look at investing in a different light. Thanks
G. D., Tennessee

Enjoyed the book. Totally agree about all the hoopla. Very refreshing to see my own thoughts in print. I breath a sigh of relief.
D. H., Ohio

I reviewed as well as personally read your little book! Usually when I review a book I just read enough to get an idea, I liked this little one so much, I read it page by page! It is one of the better investment how-to books I’ve reviewed in some time.
R. T., Texas

Great common sense book!
M. G., Connecticut

Loved your book! Love your philosophy. Love coffee!
N. T., Arizona

The book came at the right time for me. (Very frustrated with day trading options…and the time it was taking away from the important things in life). I needed (and have adopted) a fresh new perspective on investing from reading your book. Oh, what really caught my eye on the book shelf was the cover (I thought it was cool). Your writing style is very unique and you did a good job at keeping my interest throughout the book. Thanks again.
D. W., Louisiana

I think your philosophy is great!
D.B., Texas

Thanks for terrific info written in a way I can understand and retain! Will be recommending your book and site to friends and family
S. R., Ontario

Enjoyed the book and I am using the information to work with my daughter on planning her future. Thanks
E. O., Oregon

what a joy to discover your book at Starbucks and see it doesn’t have to be any harder or more complicated than I thought! Thank you for such a satisfying and valuable little book.
A. S., British Columbia

I noticed your book in “MY” favorite coffee house. After reading a couple of pages I pretty much knew that I needed to read all of it. Your book makes total sense, and is easy to understand for a novice like myself. Thanks for the info.
D. K., Washington

Not to sound like a gushing fan but- OK I will. I’m 23 and have started to invest just this year. I follow the ups and downs of the market. I love the excitement but am more interested in creating a strong financial future that will allow me to follow the dreams of who, what, where, when and why I want to be. Your book was a gift. And it is the best financial related advice I’ve received.
J. P., New Mexico

Just finished reading t.c.h.i. (i know, it’s about time) what a kick in the pants. i’ve suspected for some time that there had to be an easier way to do this. thanks for a great gateway.
K. S., Maryland

I just loved your book. Straight forward and honest.
E. F., Maryland

I picked up a copy of your little, powerful book as a “stocking stuffer” for my husband. WOW! What a great little surprise from Santa! My husband read it first, and I am on the last chapter. We’re fired up about simplifying our investment approach and spending more time enjoying this crazy thing called LIFE! You are an inspiration to all those silly, creative, active, thinking folks out there! THANK YOU! Oh – and I am firing our “financial planner” because she never really listens to me and her “answers” to my questions always lead back to “she knows best” and make me feel – frankly – stupid. I hate that. So — I am moving on to LEARN more about our current portfolio — and baking more pies and hiking more trails! We’ll get this right. Thank you
M. K., Virginia

Synchronistically, I came across your book at a Starbucks in Kelowna BC when I was delayed on a flight home earlier this week. I appreciate both your perspective and candor. Thanks for taking the time to write the book.
C. E., Alberta

Thanks for letting me feel that my visit at Starbucks on the 28th of februari was an important day in my life!
W. W., Belgium

J. W., Washington

I live in OK but visit WA on business. I like your book but felt 18 bucks was a little high.
J. A., Oklahoma

Just read the book, how’d you get my mom’s pumpkin pie recipe?
D. O., California

Great book. No nonsense straight forward. It will be in everyone’s stocking this year.
B. N., California

It is a great book “CoffeeHouse Investor” that I picked up last week @ a local coffee shop. I am looking forward to getting 2nd edition of that book!
P. N., California

Read the book and was really impressed with the simplicity of the information. I am tired of crooked brokers with their rip-off stocks. The older I get, the more I want out of life. Researching, web site after web site, newsletters full of hype, out dated magazines is not the way to riches. I like the Coffeehouse investor way. Thanks for writing a great book.
T. W., Maryland

Your book really spoke to all my insecurities as I begin my investing life… thanks!
G. R., New York

I’m just over halfway through Bill’s book, The Coffeehouse Investor, and I’m beguiled! I have been wanting to learn about the stock market to better manage my retirement plan, and have found the insights and presentation in his book to be wonderful! I can’t put this thing down! I’m even sneaking it into the bathroom at work. Talk about a page turner! Anyway, sincere thanks to Bill for sharing with those of us who may have never been exposed to these simple, yet vital, concepts.
R. H., California

Great book. I was amazed at the wisdom crammed into your small book
J. I., Pennsylvania

Congratulations Mr. Schultheis on a brutally honest and informative message. The Coffeehouse investor tells it like it is. Thank You for having the courage to go where Wall St. dare not tread. Lesson learned.
J. M., Pennsylvania

An easy read and it makes sense. I think I suspected the brokerage game you described I just didn’t know how to pin point my feelings as eloquently as your small book. I am going to try the pie. Sign me up.
R. M., Texas

What a nice surprise to see Gift from the Sea as an additional reading. That means I’ll probably be reading the other books too. Your book is inspirational and something I can do without a lot of formulas, grafts, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing how I will do. Thank you
D. K., California

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