Coffeehouse Rules

1. Coffeehouse Investors take time to experience the richness of life. They recognize that their portfolios are not measuring sticks for self-worth, but simply a resource that accentuates who they already are in relation to their families, friends, co-workers and communities.

2. Coffeehouse Investors take time to do a little long-term planning each year to determine an appropriate saving and spending level. They know these goals might not be immediately obtainable, but recognize that the first step in achieving emotional and financial wealth is an awareness of these levels in their life.

3. Coffeehouse Investors recognize that an investment in the collective productivity of this country through a portfolio of low cost index funds, has historically provided an excellent rate of return and is a sophisticated way to build and maintain a common stock portfolio.

4. Coffeehouse Investors discover fulfillment and excitement in areas of their lives away from the stock market, and realize that attention to the stock market not only detracts from more meaningful lifetime endeavors, but will likely diminish their long-term portfolio returns.

5. Coffeehouse Investors take time to share this simple and profound investment philosophy with others who are searching for ways to build wealth, ignore Wall Street and get on with their lives.

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The Coffeehouse Investor

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