DSCN5660We are creatures of habits – these very habits create our daily schedule and routine. Some of our behaviors we adopt are positive – exercising, drinking water, daily meditation, etc. but others may have a negative influence on our life – poor sleep, stress – we could all list a few. Unfortunately because we are creatures of doing the same thing on a regular basis, we often continue these negative choices… just because. Carl Richards discusses the idea of why we stay at “status quo” and continue doing things that do not always work for us. We become complacent and the idea of changing things can appear too complex and confusing, regardless if the outcome may be more positive. Evaluate your current financial habits – could you be better off if you chose a different path? It may be finding an advisor that can help you take advantage of a more cost effective portfolio, perhaps it is changing your investment funds to something better. Maybe it is changing credit cards to a lower interest rate card or a company who provides better perks. As the feds evaluate interest rates, perhaps finding a better way to manage your personal inflation rate is going to be far more impactful than the rising interest rate debate. Challenge yourself in the New Year to find a better alternative to “status quo”.