I can’t remember the last time I purchased an individual stock.  For me, owning the collective creativity of workers around the world makes a lot more sense for my serious money.

But I love following companies, especially startup companies, and the dynamics that make them succeed (and fail) in a competitive global environment.

There is one startup company called FutureAdvisor that I have been keeping a close eye on this past year.  This company is an investment advisor web application that offers 401-k plan participants portfolio recommendations while focusing on the same principles found here at The Coffeehouse Investor – things like low fees, proper asset allocation, and of course capturing the return of broad markets around the world.

Amelia Greenhall, is FutureAdvisor’s Designer, Illustrator and Data Scientist.  On top of that she climbs mountains, hangs on cliffs, and does other crazy things like summing up my two hour Coffeehouse webinars in a one-page illustration called The Awesome Portfolio Checklist.

I just love the creative energy of Amelia and the entire FutureAdvisor team who have found a way to help investors focus on what is important in reaching their financial goals.

If you are looking for some guidance on YOUR portfolio, check out FutureAdvisor.  And while you are at it, download a copy of The Awesome Portfolio Checklist, paste it to your bedroom door, review it twice a year, and get on with your life!