After ignoring Wall Street, let’s get on with our life one blog at a time … by Julie Klingler

I vow to be a better investor, a better Coffeehouse Investor that is.

It’s that time of year where we all make promises to be better people, move more, eat less, read more and basically give ourselves a good overhaul before the luster wears off by springtime.  However, one area that we need to address and stay diligent year round is to our finances.

In light of the Jan. 1st article from ABC News declaring seven financial mantras to embrace, we’ve created our own here at the Coffeehouse based upon our three principles and rules.

I vow to save for a rainy day

I will review my long term plan annually and rebalance my portfolio when necessary

I will diversify in different asset classes

I will ensure I capture the entire return of the each asset class

I will discover fulfillment and excitement in other areas of life outside of the stock market

How can you become a better investor who embraces life and ignores Wall Street?  Don’t forget to address your financial well-being as you overhaul your life this resolution season.  Happy New Year!