It’s time to take a good look at your financial state and start living the life you intend to.  Don’t miss our webinar next Wednesday night at 6pm (PST) “The Three Steps to Financial Freedom.”  During the hour long presentation, Bill will discuss the three steps you can take towards gaining financial freedom and exactly how to do it.  He’ll talk at length about gaining an awareness of your burn rate, long term financial plans, and strategies to get back on track if you find you’re a long way off.  He’ll also expand on reasons to consolidate and simplify your portfolio in a way that makes sense while finding clarity with asset allocations.  Don’t forget to listen until the very end, Bill is infamous for his marathon length Q & A sections where no questions are off limits.

So mark your calendars – Wed, Jan. 23rd at 6pm (PST).  Its education you can’t afford to miss.

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