Carl Richards is the creative genius behind Behavior Gap.  Last week he and I joined together in an exciting new venture to highlight our simple investing wisdom with investors across the nation. 

We created our first weekly Internet radio program/podcast via Blog Talk Radio to discuss, explore, and reveal  a better way to build wealth, ignore Wall Street and get on with your life amid the chaos of financial advice that swirls about us each day.  

Our first program aired on Friday, April 23, 2009, and you can listen to it by clicking this link.  Our next program airs Wednesday, May 27, 1:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST. 

When I created The Coffeehouse Investor 11 years ago, my vision and goal was to introduce three simple principles to every investor in this country who is responsible for building their own retirement portfolio.  The creation of this radio program, which coincidently comes at the same time as the release of the third edition of my book, is an important step in achieving this goal. 

If you can’t listen live, don’t worry.  The radio shows will be available in podcast for download.  Have a question you want answered on the program, and think others will be interested in it as well?   Send me an e mail, and we’ll do our best to comment on it during the next broadcast.

Microsoft announces first yearly sales decline since going public. Alaska Airlines reports a first-bag handling fee. Boeing readies its first new Dreamliner for flight.

These are just a few of the press releases I tuned in to this past week. As a small business owner myself, I find it fascinating to keep tabs on major corporations as they try to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Leave it to Wall Street to turn a good idea inside out and come up with an investment product that benefits the financial industry at the expense of the individual investor.

In 1976, John Bogle, then chairman and founder of the Vanguard Group, created the first stock index fund available to retail investors. Although his idea was subjected to harsh ridicule by the Wall Street crowd (why buy the market when you can beat the market?), eventually Vanguard’s S&P 500 index fund (symbol VFINX) grew to be the largest stock mutual fund in the business.

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Whether it is funding a college education or living your retirement years free from financial worry, it all comes down to the decisions you make in your life to achieve those financial goals.

One decision that is easy to make, is to admit to yourself that any effort to select the top stocks and industries to lead us out of this recession is a waste of your time and money. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t own any common stocks, because maybe you should.

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The first quarter of 2009 is almost over and unless we see a dramatic recovery in the stock market soon, it will go down as the worst quarter in the history of the stock market. This will almost certainly be reflected in those quarter-end statements you receive from your stockbroker or 401(k) provider.

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Ten years ago everyone was running after the next hot tip. The stock market was generating double digit yearly returns and the share prices of companies like Qualcomm and Intel seemed to be doubling overnight. Greed was running rampant in the psyche of investors, and no one wanted to miss out on the next hot stock.

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First it got entangled in the sub-prime mess by repackaging and selling mortgages without any transparency of the risk associated with these investments. Next, a slug of Ponzi schemes started to surface, topped by the infamous actions of Bernie Madoff.

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The morning commute gives you talk radio with a stockbroker who chimes in on his favorite local company. Noontime comes around and Jim Cramer is spouting his latest picks on his Mad Money show. The dinner hour arrives and two guys who call themselves the Motley Fools are chirping away on CNN’s Larry King Live about he next hot stocks to own that will lead us out of this recession.

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Just when you think the stock market has hit bottom, it drops another 1000 points, as it did the week of January 13.

The gloomy financial numbers just don’t stop. Major banks are knocking on the Treasury’s door for a second round of bailout funds. Companies are laying off employees by the thousands. Scandals rock Wall Street to the tune of billions of dollars. Major brokerage firms are bought and sold off like a monopoly game.

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I am not saying it is an opportunity of a lifetime. . .

. . .but there is a good chance that stock markets around the world will generate some eye-catching returns over the next ten years.

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