Read a piece recently from Adam M. Grossman in Humble Dollar and two thoughts come to mind.

Compounding is the magic sauce to aging. Most of us aren’t excited about turning another year older, but as we age, our investments are provided more time to compound. The more compounding experienced, the more our money grows. Adam shares the story of four individuals who lived well into their 90’s and left substantial financial legacies, despite living frugal lifestyles. If they started saving early, they had a lot of time to experience compounding. I think we often forget the simple principle when we start chasing down the hottest stocks.

Secondly, once you remove yourself from Wall Street’s obsession with trying to beat the stock market average and accept the fact that equaling the stock market average is a rather sophisticated approach to the whole thing, life gets a whole lot simpler. This method can also help predict future returns in a more realistic manner. If you calculate your return on more of the conservative side, you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

As humans, we often over complicate things in life. The same goes for investing, it doesn’t need to be difficult to enjoy the fruits of the process.