Pie recipe2

“Investors who spend time selling stocks and mutual funds that go up in price are missing out on the largest part of the money pie because they don’t give their investments a chance to sit there and do what they are supposed to do – compound. If you own stocks or mutual funds and reinvest the dividends, your money is put to work in the biggest piece of pie, and the time you save by not obsessing over buy-low and sell-high strategies can be used to pursue those things in your life you really have fun at … like baking pies.”  –The Coffeehouse Investor, pg. 79

We are huge fans of compounding here at the Coffeehouse, it is the gift that keeps on giving. Every year around Thanksgiving, we dedicate time to share the best part of the money pie and the advantages investing for the long haul can bring. We also really appreciate a good pie, we have published the pumpkin pie recipe from The Coffeehouse Investor book for your enjoyment.

From our Coffeehouse family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!