After ignoring Wall Street, let’s get on with our life one blog at a time … by Julie Klingler

You’ll hear us preaching about saving for retirement often at the Coffeehouse.  Building a long term financial plan, figuring out the age you run out of money, determining your burn rate – all important factors to building a sound retirement plan.  However, Merrill Edge (division of Merrill Lynch) has created another tactic to “motivate” you to prepare for retirement.

“Face Retirement” is an online tool that snaps an image of you currently (program does require a webcam) and then provides a visual image of you at retirement age.  Merrill is hoping that giving you an “in your face” view of what retirement really looks like will give you the gumption to get your savings in order and prepare adequately for what the future holds.  “Retirement probably isn’t something you think about every day.  But if you could see yourself in retirement – if you could age your photo and come face to face with the future you – it just might change how you think about the future.”

Whatever program you use to prepare for retirement is fine by us, just start the process, build a long term financial plan you can live with, and start enjoying life.  Retirement is coming whether you like the look of it or not.