Do you know at what age you will run out of money? I hope you were able to tune in for last night’s webinar and have discovered that critical “age” in your financial plan.  It’s so important and integral to the Coffeehouse philosophy to determine that “age” and build a long term financial plan you can live with.  I want to thank all who were able to attend the webinar – we had a terrific turnout with lots of enthusiastic investors.

If you missed the webinar, let me give you the three main points: gain an awareness of your personal finances (including a long term financial plan), gain clarity with your asset allocations and determine the appropriate amount of risk you should be taking, and simplify and consolidate your finances and portfolio.

We are building our webinar schedule for the year and hope to bring you a wealth of education and information in the months ahead. Thank you for all of your support and for tuning in.