After ignoring Wall Street, let’s get on with our life one blog at a time … by Julie Klingler

Depending upon who you work for, there can be some nice perks that come with the job.  From virtually free health care, complimentary gym memberships, free bagels, and bringing your dog to the office, the Seattle area is home to a few thriving corporations that offer creative incentives to attract and retain good employees.

As competition increases, companies may need to “up the ante” and this may come in a new benefit Smart Money reports on, Company Matching 529 Plans.  In this particular case there are a few caveats to the plan and it may not attract all interested parties but it may provide a little perspective on where companies are moving in the future, who they are trying to attract, and a positive move toward restoring employee benefits that may have been suspended during the recession.  Interesting food for thought eh?