After ignoring Wall Street, let’s get on with our life one blog at a time … by Julie Klingler

For a while now Bill has discussed the troublesome issues with 401(K) plans and the financial fiasco surrounding these accounts.  On Tuesday, The New York Times published a story about a company revamping their retirement offerings, “A 401(K) that promises never to run dry”.  United Technologies is offering retirement plans using target date mutual funds while incorporating annuities to ensure a monthly stipend during retirement.   They also enroll employees into the program if they haven’t selected a plan on their own – sort of a “forced retirement plan”.

On paper a plan like this may work; however with a complicated system comes a lot of fine print and investor education that has to occur.  History has shown that we as investors aren’t always financially savvy nor have the correct information.  It will be interesting to see how these plans play out as more employees enter retirement but refreshing to see companies taking a closer look at the 401(K) dilemma.