After ignoring Wall Street, let’s get on with our life one blog at a time … by Julie Klingler

On Cyber Monday, I received an overabundance of emails from retailers advertising sales, discounts, and more online deals than I could comprehend.  But one email caught my eye from Patagonia.  The words “Don’t buy what you don’t need” was blasted across my screen when I clicked on the email.  I can’t think of a more appropriate time we need to hear this message.  I realize Patagonia has a bigger agenda in getting consumers to recycle, reuse, and simply consume less through their “Take the Common Threads Initiative” but the reminder is necessary.  That same day, I had just watched a disturbing video of a Georgia Walmart during Black Friday where frantic shoppers were pushing and shoving for smart phones.  Now I doubt many of the shoppers really needed the smart phones but often greed and deep discounts bring the worst out in humanity.

I hope this message is a little reminder for us all to keep the season of gift giving in perspective, figure out what’s really important, and realize stuff doesn’t last forever, but the relationships we build with others do.